Why is a Gym management tool important for your growth?

If you think you have the perfect fitness concept and that everyone will love it just as much as you do, then why not keep track on the growth and development of your fitness concept? This is where a gym management tool comes in handy, because it allows you to keep track with important data from your gym, lets list some of the most vital data that a gym management tool can help you with:

1. Development in customers

With a gym management tool you can track the development in customers over a period of time, for example the month of January and then match the data with the year before and find out if the growth if bigger, status qou or stagnating. This data can help you to find out which months during the year your gym has the biggest growth and thereby help you plan your marketing campaigns accordingly. If you also choose to ask your leaving member why they will no longer attend your gym, you get even more data that you can use to solve problems that those members have with your gym. 

2. Plan your class schedule

If your gym offers different types of classes like bike fit, crossfit and yoga, it is important for both your employees and your customers to have a well-organized schedule over those classes. From your employees’ point of view a class schedule gives them a better idea of which classes they a teaching, when the classes starts and also whose and who many are attending that class. The same goes for your members who want to sign up for different class during a period of maybe three weeks, with the class schedule this is possible and they can book the classes and know that there will be a spot for them in both the bike class and the yoga class the following Thursday. 

The schedule can be put up directly on your homepage and this will also increase the likelihood of potential members joining your gym, because they can see all of the different classes that your gym offers. 

3. Manages your finances   

When you have manages to get the customers to stay at your gym it is also important to manages their payments and this is one of the main features of a gym management tool, because it allows you to keep track of your customers payments, whether it be via a running payment plan or a monthly cash transaction in your gym. With the tool you can keep track of who pays and who doesn’t and how much you are earning on a monthly or yearly basis. This will help you plan for the future and for a possible next step in the expansion of your gym.  

When managing your finances in the management tool its important to understand the data that the tool generates and to know how to use the data. If you understand your data and therefor knows when your are earning the must during the year and which type of payment is earning you the must month after month, this could be running payments, you can push this type of payment to the customers and secure your earnings trajectory.

This are just some of the many things that a gym management tool can help you with to generate growth in your gym business. 

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