How To Make the Right Mix of Classes in Your Gym

What classes should you offer in your gym, the options are many and they will attract different kinds of member to your gym, some who want to get big and strong and some who just want to have fun while exercising. So how do your make the right mix of class for your gym?

1. Know what kind of gym you run.

First of all, you need to look at your gym type. Is it specialized in crossfit, heavy lifting, cardio, yoga or overall fitness? These types of gyms both have similarities in classes they may offer, but differ mainly in the members they attract and what they want. If you want to run a crossfit box then mix your classes accordingly to crossfit workouts.

2. Know your members

Second, many gyms choose a mix of all types of classes to accommodate a broad member crowd and in this instant, it is important to mix your class roster. There must be both cardio classes like bike fitness, Tabata and body pump and muscle training like workout of the day on offer. It is also important to have some more relaxing classes like yoga, pilates and in some gyms after birth training and senior training classes. 

In short if you have a broad crowd of members, you must have a broad array of classes on offer. 

 3. Know the skills of your employees

Third and final, if you want to offer bike fitness, body pump and yoga to your member, you need someone to teach it and who knows a little more than just the basics of the class. If you want your gym to be know for its classes then get great teacher and instructors to teach your classes and your members will love you for it.

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