Guide: Choosing the right Gym Management Software for your taste

The list of management systems is almost endless and it can be very challenging to pick the right one for your setup. Staff members spend more time doing administrative tasks than ever before, but choosing the right software might just help reduce the time spent in the office and allow your staff to focus on the members and growing the community.

In this guide, you’ll get an idea of which kind of systems you’ll find out there and what to focus on.

The costs

Most systems today are cloud-based and charge some type of monthly fee. The fee is determined on various parameters i.e. number of staff, number of members, number of transactions, number of locations and the size of the package.

The first thing to consider is nice-to-have and need-to-have.
Many systems are customizable, which means that you can choose different functionalities and that affects the price – just like buying a car.

But what you want to consider, is making a list of functions that you need to have, and then a list of functions that are nice to have. Start with the basics and move up until you reach your budget. Most systems can be adjusted along the way without any establishment costs, so you might be better of starting with the necessary functions.

You can expect to pay within the range of £100-£300/month for most systems, based on a single location – with integrations to app, website and webshop you can expect to be in the end of the £200’s.

To give you an idea on how the difference in pricing can be, lets take a look at different price techniques that are offered on the market.

  • Low end packages at £125 to high end packages up to £400 fixed price.
  • Low end package at £100 but with addons such as booking app and website you will end up at £300.
  • Different packages £100-150-200-250-300.
  • Price per member e.g. £2/member per month.
  • Price reflecting your turnover %-cut of you turnover.

Functions to consider

Manage your business through one main system
If you can get as many need-to-have functions in one system, you will save yourself the hassle of integrating and paying for something you don’t use

Lead management tools
You want to get as many members as possible, you might even target specific members in your case to build the right community – but how?

Automated billing system
You also wanted a system that can take care of all payments, so you don’t have to spend a bazillion hours in the spreadsheet.

Membership management function
Different members, different memberships that can join specific classes?
Members are getting pickier about what they want to pay for, they only want to pay for what they use. Maybe you have a morning membership, afternoon membership and a full-time membership.

Staff management
Do you have classes, a reception or a cleaning lady?
What should they have access to? Everything? – NO.

Metrics and a report system
If you want to grow your business, how do you know where to start?
By measuring, benchmarking and tracking.

Custom booking app
Do you want to outperform the gym club next door? Be modern and offer something exclusive to your members?

The software needs to be integrated with your website
Surely you have spent some time creating your website and identity – why not create a flow that incorporates your new system?

Last but not least, find out what your current needs are, be open to have a dialogue with the software company, and tell them what you seek right now and in the long run.

One of the most important factors are that you feel welcome and they listen to you.
Find someone that you can create a professional relationship to, so that you and the software company can grow together.

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